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Friday, February 20, 2015


This was one of the easiest run, well actually it was more like a canival /fun event. Held on 14th February,2015.As the title suggest, it's for lovers and what more it was held on valentine's day. So why did I joined? Well it was mainly because more of those who joined were from the gym, and also the tee shirts was very attractive. The run if one can consider it as one is only 3.5km . 
Since it was the first time we have been to this place, the gps took us to the far end of the starting point and we had to walk something like 1.5km to the starting point.(and of course it means another 1.5km on the way back after the event.

this is one of the many stop.

the finishing medal which  can be joined together with the female medal.

the finishing line

taking a selfie

a group photo with some of the gym members and their spouse


This is the 2nd day of chinese new year. I don't really enjoyed it as much as I did years ago.I suppose due to some changes in the family.Everyone has their own plan. Even my God daughter  was unable to pay me a visit due to her work. She is in a far away land .Wonder if she is ok. From her short answer to my post, it seems so cold and distant,unlike her normal greetings, full of love and warm.  Nothing I can do except wish her all the best . But I would have appreciate an answer or a clear message what she wants. It would do everyone some good and we can get on with our separate lives, instead of knocking at a door and not getting a response. 
I maybe be over sensitive over the whole episode, but I am one who is very sensitive when it comes to things like this. I think lately I feel more than ever there is a wall between some of the people surrounding me. There is one instant where I gave a gift to someone whom I valued very much, but there was not even an acknowledgement which previously was done without fail. 
So I suppose I need to avoid doing things like this in order not to offend people. Well a fool never learnt as they says. That's me. 
Anyway I am very thankful, I am still able to hike and run a bit. The mountain does give me some solace.There I find it so peaceful. While everyone is still enjoying their chinese new year, I think I will go out to enjoy some mountain air tomorow.

To those celebrating the chinese new year. Happy Chinese New Year.  Huat Aah!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Sure I do run a bit, but not as possionate as I do Hiking. Just like a leaf being blown  by the wind, I will run when there is a reason or situation. Last week, Nov 9th I ran with a good friend ,Clover. Since she wanted to do something special on her birthday. Instead of the normal birthday celebration, she wanted to make it a memorable special day on her birthday. She had make this known weeks before her actual birthday. Since she made an effort to celebrate with me on my special birthday, I was oblige to return the favour.I blocked that date on my calender. immediately I registered for the Great Eastern Live great run, which was the run she had choosen. When I gave my word, I would not go back on my word. On the week before the run , I was not well, and even as the days draw nearer I had not fully recovered, but a promise, is a promise, I was prepare to just walk if I was not able to run, but Thank God ran I did and I was surprise that I did not do too bad as far as the timing concern. It could had even a better timing , had I not stop to snap photos and doing some other stuff like selfie etc. But I had learnt from previous experience, not to put pressure on myself ,but just to enjoy the run, after all I was not there to compete,but to fullfil a girl' s birthday wish.  I caught up with birthday girl at the 9km mark. and almost at the finishing line, I took out a special birthday banner and ran backward with the banner facing her. I could see her surprise look and when she smile it was priceless.

Photo credit:Aron Soo. With Birthday girl at 9km

Birthday girl, with the special birthday card(banner)

photo taken by yours truely.

after the finining line, photo with super heroes

Birthday girl with some of the super heroes.

Monday, October 6, 2014


October, October what do you have in store for me.?
You might say october is very special and is my favourite month. Let's see how many things are link with october.
1) October Cherries.. A well known band from singapore.in the 80s I grew up on their songs.They were previously known as the surfers, but changed their name to October cherries .
2) Octoberfest. Something I did not take notice until lately when some Ngo make some hooha and only I found out it has something to do with beers . Why not Septemberfest or Novemberfest,but they choose to call it Octoberfest and it is a yearly afair.
3)The hunt for red October- a movie which I had watched in 1990. It stars , ,  .
4)October 6th:- this will be my 60th birthday and coincidently it will be my 60th climb at Tabur Hill
   Some of my hiking friends will be joining me to celebrate my birthday at one of the peak at Tabur and of course to be follow by a lunch meet up at a restaurant some where nearby.
5) October 7th: It is also my son and my God daughter's birthday
6) October 26th: Birthday of my lovely granddaughter's,(child of my son who's birthday is a day after mine)

Friday, September 19, 2014


How I miss your sweet smile,
How I miss hearing your voice
How I miss your soft touch and embrace
How I miss the cake you bake
Oh how I miss eating out with you
Can't believe it's already almost half a year.

Hope you will be back real soon.
Hope I will be able to taste your cooking
Hope I will be able to run with you.
Until then do take good care of yourself
Remember Daddy loves you.

Birthday celebration with me

Dinner with my darling girl before she left for down under

Monday, September 8, 2014


I had signed up the event fit malaysia, which was organised by Fit Malaysia because one of the event highlighted was Body combat , my favourited group cardio mix martial arts inspired exercise.The event was launched by the youth & sports minister Yb Khairy Jamaluddin. In his speech, he hoped that with the various activities and sport, more Malaysian will embrace a healthy life st.yle. Fit Malaysia is his brainchild. You can read about it's belief and vision in their web page. Since it was also the first sunday of the month,which has been set aside as car free day, I deceide to take the commuter from Klang to Kuala Lumpur and then the Lrt once I reach the main train station. It has been such a long while since I took this public transport. It might be an embracement, I had to ask a foreigner where was the Lrt station. I was suppose to go with another gym member, but at the last minute she told me she could not go, because her mum does not allow her to go. What? in this century an adult and a working adult at that can be control like that?  If it was cinderella, I could understand, but she was not a step child to her mother. Oh well, I would not invite her to any more event that's for sure, knowing how it would turn out eventually. Anyway I had a great time at the Body combat workout. I could see alot of them were first timer and non body combaters as they tend to get so close, that was hardly any space for me to kick.
Here are some of the photos taken with my handphone. I did not bring my camera, for fear of being stollen, as it was a public and open space event, unlike a club where there is a locker to store it away.

beet root and mixed fruits,which costs me RM10.00

a section of the crowd

a selfie on arrival

The body combat instructors

Two old friends who is part of the combat team

Sunday, August 24, 2014


This morning, got up rather early. In fact got up even before my alarm when off. In fact I always get up way before the alarm goes off when ever I have an event .Anyway I got up , fixed myself a quick drink, got dressed up in my running attire. I am all set for my mizuno wave run 2014.
Got into the car , key in the address on waze and hit the highway.  Half an hour on the road, then horror of horrors, I reliazed I forgot my shoes!  How to run without shoes, I was really angry with my self .How could I do such a stupid thing, forgeting the most important gear.This was not the first time I forgot about my shoes, just weeks ago, while on a hiking trip I forgot my hiking shoes, and only reliase it upon reaching the destination.Luckily a friend whom I car pool with had a spare.
But this morning I was driving alone. Well no use driving further, I had to look for a u-turn to return home. It will take too long a time to rush to the venue and I read the road will be closed by 6.30am. So this was my run that never happen. I guess I goofed big time!