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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


While thousand of people and revellers were excited on the last day of 2013 to ursher in 2014, I was resting at home due to my bad cough, which I had days before the last days of December 2014. Every year I had attended the church watch night services to welcome the new year. I was suppose to join a friend to spent the last few hours of 2013 at a beach, it was something different and I was really looking forward to it but due to my poor health I had to give it a missed. Anyway what was the funfare all about.? Personally I felt it was just a date on a new calendar. Some people would have made resolutions while taking stock of their life at the last day of the year or even begining of the year. Resolution is only good if you  can follow it through or at least intend to, otherwise might as well don't have one. You can have a simple one which are realistic and achieveable. It can be based on your career, relationship or even health. Well I had past my retirement age, so careerwise there is not much I can set goals for, but for relationship wise I want to have closer and better and closer ones with my family and friends that I treasure.Drop some that are not worth keeping. Healthwise I want to achieve more. In ten months time I will turn 60. I want to hike more, climb higher(in door rock climbing) I want to have a leaner body which I think is achieveable. 
Today is the 1st day of 2014.What does that means to you? For me I know my road tax, passport and Gym membership is expiring.  I have an option of not renewing them and thereby not be able to use the facilities or I could renew them and continuing to use them. It is the same with our lives, we can stay comfortable and remain where we are or move forward and brace ourselves for the future. In the past months we would have read about the coming hikes  there will be heading our way. We just have to brace ourselves and prepare for it. Maybe we need to trim some of our spending or give up some of the things we used to enjoy. Whatever it takes we can make it.
Have a good year ahead folks and let's make it a good year.!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It's been along while since we had our family holiday. Since my grand daughter has grown up a bit, my wife thought it would be a good idea to have our family retreat. So after looking for a budget hotel, we were all set for our trip  to Malacca. We started our journey from Klang at 7.00am and reached Malacca at around 10.30am . We had our lunch at the famous chicken rice ball . There was already a long 'Q" when we got there. After a few minutes we were allow to take our seats. I thought the place was over rated now as it does not taste as good as it used to. Maybe it was because of too many tourist patronising the place. Anyway we still had a couple of hour to kill so we walk around and visited the A famosa. Then it started to drizzle and we deceide we better get to our car and head for our Hotel. Check in time was suppose to be at 2,00pm , but we were made to wait until 2.40pm. And guess where was the reception? It was the guard house.! What a let down. It turn out our hotel was actually an apartment.
To be fair the setting was nice and the room was to our liking. Further more it was only for a night so we were not too concern of the place. Most importantly we had a good time together . I think my grand daughter must have walk alot and climb alot of stairs on that day.
Here are some of the photos of our get away.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It's sure is catching on.This running sport sure have everybody crazy. There seems to be a run almost every month or maybe weeks , somewhere, sometown. Most of my hiking friends have joined in the bandwagon too and I can see from their status on facebook every now and then. Some of my friends are really into it and even gone international. I mean they were willing to pay for their airfares overseas just to be part of the crowb. This is also a big business and someone is reaping from this vast response and interest. I know the tee shirts company does from the amount of events that is going on. The advertisment industry no doubt will benefit too.Some events like the Standard chartered, Brooks,King of the road  are a yearly afair. Sports wear company waste no time to introduce their products. In the past people are just contents with cotton tees, now their have fit dry and even compressed wears.Oh yes , there are all kinds of running shoes too.People are spoilt for choice these days.There are alots of brands they can choose from. That's big money.
I am in no position to comment why do people run, the way they do because I had only one running experience, and I will be doing another charity run, a short one only 6km just for the fun or it and because the promoters were students. You know just to oblige.
Well if you are into this sport, enjoy it.!

compressed clothings

this is the one I had even before I was into running.


Got a private message in my inbox on facebook yesterday from someone I knew a few years ago.She need my phone contact because she has something urgent to discuss with me. As soon as I gave her my number, my phone rang. It was her alright. Apparently she need a favour, she wants me to remove some of the old photos which I had taken of her from my blog. Since she her reasons was valid and legitimate I had to obliged her. She told me she is now in the film industry.Wow, that is good for her and I wished her every success. Some of the photos does not make her look good. You know image is important to a up and coming star. I spend sometime looking through some of my old blogs to removed those photos requested. It was not easy looking though the archive and our internet connection is not making it any easier. I deleted one blog site as it was already "dead". Better to have one which I can post regularly than maintaining so many right? Now I have one password lesser to remember.
Never knew my friend had  rose to a star so quickly. I was aware she did some commercial, but now a movie? It's so hard to believe. I can't wait to catch her movie soon.
All the best to you my friend and hope to catch up with you sometime to have a cup of tea. Oh yes, you owe me one autograph.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


In contrast with October which was my favourite month, November was not really a good month as there was alot of sad tidings which came with it.
Let me start of with the good Month first. It was a month where we had 3 birthdays in the family. My eldest son, who had his birthday a day after mine, followed by my grand daughter twenty days later. I was touched by a surprise birthday dinner arranged by my hiking/wall climbing friends. Since I did not show my birthday on my facebook, I was surprise they remember.
Now come the sad part, the month of November. I bumped into a hairdresser whom I had known for over two decades. After chating for a while, she informed me my personal hairdresser had passed due to canser.
I started to have my hair cut at this unisex saloon in Klang after I started working. This shop is very unique as they normally do not steal customers from each other and they know who are the regulars customers for which hair dresser.It is only if  your personal hairdressers are on leave you may choose others to attend to you. So over the years I had become very good friends to my hair dresser and when I received the news I felt very sad as if I had lost someone in the family.
A few days later I learnt of another death .This time the wife of a friend who happen to be the sister of a class mate of mine. She too succumb to canser. I just hope there will not be anymore sad news for the remaining days of November.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I just had my birthday a week ago. This year I intentionally hid my birthday on facebook.Suprisingly a few of my friends still remember my birthday. All it took was on person and soon wishes kept pouring in. I was a bit disappointed though, the one most dearest to me forgot my birthday until a few days later. Maybe after seeing all the birthday wishes on my wall.She claim she was busy and had just started working. Oh well I will give her a benefit of a doubt.  A year past and year older and another day nearer to the grave.  I did not really celebrate my birthday, though I was hoping she would at least have dinner with me but that did not happen.Maybe it has got to do with age, as one grows older, one yearn for the love ones more than anything in the world. I don't know if it is true for everyone,but that was how I felt. Nothing is more important than family and moreso on my birthday. Just to have your family around you is better than any presents.
 I just had a simple meal at hope on my birthday. But on the eve on my birthday a few friends gave me a a dinner treat at on of the Thai restaurant in Petaling Jaya.So thoughtful of them.
In two weeks' time my grand daughter will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. At least that's one birthday I can look forward to.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's been over a month since one of my friend and regular hiking partner with me injured her ankle. She is still under treatment and her leg is still swollen. I felt so bad whenever I see her facebook status stating her condition. I also felt guilty for having invite her to join me in my hike. I mean if I had not invite her maybe she would not have injured her ankle and suffer. She was an experience hiker and had gone on many hiking trips with me and some of her friends. She was just coming down the slope and just slip and twisted her ankle and that was it. No fall  at all and yet the injury was so serious and months later still no progress. It was also remind me of another friend whom I invited for a rock climbing activity. After some climb I invited her to try out the bouldering wall and while climbing she could not hold on further and let go off her hand and landed on the pad on the floor and there was a craking sound and she yelled out it's broken. I thought she was joking and seeing her in pain I knew it was serious. I got the person in charge of the place to call an ambulance and sent her to the hospital nearby. By the way the wall from where she felled was not that high only about 4 feet above the ground. It took her months to get back on her feet again. I felt so bad and kept on telling heguiltr how sorry I was for inviting her and despite her saying it was not my fault and it was an accident, I just could not put that guilty feeling away. Have you ever been in such a situation?
Perhaps I should stop inviting people to join me in my activities? What are your thoughts?