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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yesterday, I was having a chat with my boss, and in the middle of our  discussion, he received a phone call from his home. His house had been robbed. It was really a day light robbery. So he had to rushed back home. This morning he update me on the situation. Apparently those robbers must have been  surveilance on is house for a long time as they seems to know even what time he return home. There were two men of Indian origin dressed up like ninjas, carrying samurai swords. Only his wife, daughter and mother were at home at that time. They got away with some cash and golds. I just don't understand why people still keep large amount of money and even jewelry at home . Thank God no one was harm.
However there was another incident I heard from the other Boss. The victim had her head decapitated. It could be the victim could recognised the robber or even know him.  We are living in a terrible and unsafe world these days. No one is safe anymore. We have to be extra careful and be prayerfully each day.I only prayed something can be down about our police force. Unless they buck up, crime will continue to rise and robbers would be more daring. Those travelling during the festive seasons, do take extra precaution. Have a good neighbour keep an eye while you are away. 


  1. Oh dear!! So scary!

    There were actually people in the house during the robbery!! But I think no one gets hurt, right?

    Sigh, the world is getting scarier!!

    Do take care there~

    1. Hi Hayley,
      yes there were three people at home at that time. One of the robber took out the samurai sword and put it on the neck of my boss' wife and ask to surrendered all her gold and cash.

  2. The best is we need to live very down to earth. Drive a very humble car, stay in a very humble hut, and live a very humble lifestyle. Besides, we must be very alert to our surroundings, be it at home or outside.