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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Just a few days before our hiker’s gathering, I received a message
from  my friend who had earlier confirm her attendance.She said she is giving the function as miss as she felt someone in our circles of friends do not want her around. Her reasoning was  she had shared too many personal things to our mutual friends and now might want to avoid her.She specifically named one person who might not welcome her presence.
And she further said she saw   this  posted on her(the other friend)wall." We’re not together, but no one else is allowed to date you okay? I don’t think that that message was directed to her at all. I mean people post and shared such  quotes all the time.
I wanted to ask that friend if that message was directed at her or not, but later decided against it.
I think she is just being paranold, maybe suffering from withdrawal syndrome even. 
What do you think. Was she over reacting?


  1. Yes, she is oversensitive. Many people would think people talking about them when they read FB posts.

    She shouldn't be too sensitive and take things so personally towards what people posted.

  2. Yea I think she is overacting too.

  3. Well bro, sometimes as a friend, may be all that we can do is to show that we care, the rest we can't do much.......but then again, we must also understand that there are friends of ours, who do suffer in silence,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we just have to be just their "friends" lo

  4. Yan, that is call perasan. lol
    Eugene, we can advise them and if they dont want to listen, nothing we can do.Of course we care that is why we give our advice.