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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


While thousand of people and revellers were excited on the last day of 2013 to ursher in 2014, I was resting at home due to my bad cough, which I had days before the last days of December 2014. Every year I had attended the church watch night services to welcome the new year. I was suppose to join a friend to spent the last few hours of 2013 at a beach, it was something different and I was really looking forward to it but due to my poor health I had to give it a missed. Anyway what was the funfare all about.? Personally I felt it was just a date on a new calendar. Some people would have made resolutions while taking stock of their life at the last day of the year or even begining of the year. Resolution is only good if you  can follow it through or at least intend to, otherwise might as well don't have one. You can have a simple one which are realistic and achieveable. It can be based on your career, relationship or even health. Well I had past my retirement age, so careerwise there is not much I can set goals for, but for relationship wise I want to have closer and better and closer ones with my family and friends that I treasure.Drop some that are not worth keeping. Healthwise I want to achieve more. In ten months time I will turn 60. I want to hike more, climb higher(in door rock climbing) I want to have a leaner body which I think is achieveable. 
Today is the 1st day of 2014.What does that means to you? For me I know my road tax, passport and Gym membership is expiring.  I have an option of not renewing them and thereby not be able to use the facilities or I could renew them and continuing to use them. It is the same with our lives, we can stay comfortable and remain where we are or move forward and brace ourselves for the future. In the past months we would have read about the coming hikes  there will be heading our way. We just have to brace ourselves and prepare for it. Maybe we need to trim some of our spending or give up some of the things we used to enjoy. Whatever it takes we can make it.
Have a good year ahead folks and let's make it a good year.!

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  1. Johnnie, Happy New Year to you. You stay happy, and healthy.